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I am using the js api for from an Angular js app. I am trying to save / update the profile picture of the user. I've got the following code:

Some html . . .

<input type="file" capture="camera" accept="image/*" id="profilePhotoFileUpload">

Thansk to google i/o and raymond and parse js guide

code in my controller:

$scope.updateUserProfile = function (user) {

        var fileUploadControl = $("#profilePhotoFileUpload")[0];
        if (fileUploadControl.files.length > 0) {
            var file = fileUploadControl.files[0];
            var name = "photo.jpg";

            var parseFile = new Parse.File(name, file);



I keep getting this error:

TypeError: Cannot call method 'then' of undefined at (parse-1.2.8.js:4084:43)

enter image description here

when calling

basically the _source is undefined . . . why?!


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I finally work it around, since my ultimate goal was to use it with phonegap, with the info in this post. . Big thanks to Raymond Camden!

function gotPic(data) {

window.resolveLocalFileSystemURI(data, function(entry) {

    var reader = new FileReader();

    reader.onloadend = function(evt) {
        var byteArray = new Uint8Array(;
        var output = new Array( byteArray.length );
        var i = 0;
        var n = output.length;
        while( i < n ) {
            output[i] = byteArray[i];
        var parseFile = new Parse.File("mypic.jpg", output); {
                navigator.notification.alert("Got it!", null);
            }, function(error) {


    reader.onerror = function(evt) {
          console.log('read error');

    entry.file(function(s) {
    }, function(e) {



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If anyone else is working Phonegap and Parse, here is another helpful example from Raymond Camden, that takes a picture:

var imagedata = "";    

$("#takePicBtn").on("click", function(e) {
    e.preventDefault();, failHandler, 

function gotPic(data) {
    console.log('got here');
    imagedata = data;
    $("#takePicBtn").text("Picture Taken!").button("refresh");

and it gets saved like:

var parseFile = new Parse.File("mypic.jpg", {base64:imagedata});
                var note = new NoteOb();
      , {
                    success:function(ob) {
                    }, error:function(e) {
                        console.log("Oh crap", e);
            }, function(error) {

Especially note the {base64:imagedata}, as this is the key for creating the parse file using string data like this.

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