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I use below code to get bonjour service:

try {
    jmdns = JmDNS.create();
    ddServiceListener(type, listener = new ServiceListener() {
        public void serviceResolved(ServiceEvent ev) {
            System.out.println("Service resolved: "
            + ev.getInfo().getQualifiedName()
        + " port:" + ev.getInfo().getPort());
        public void serviceRemoved(ServiceEvent ev) {
    public void serviceAdded(ServiceEvent event) {
        jmdns.requestServiceInfo(event.getType(), event.getName(), 1);
catch(Exception e) {

It can find the device, but I don't now how to get their ip address.
How can I do this?

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Do you find Hostname and Port? If it is,then try to resolve the Hostname to an IP address with InetAddress.
If InetAddress.getByName(hostName) don't work, then try with InetAddress.getAllByName(hostName).

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