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Lately I was seriously considering switching to sublime 3 for all of my projects. Now that sublime text 3 has a goto definition feature its definitely more useful. However, to be a happy programmer under sublime I still need a proper java auto completion, sublime text 2 has one, sublimejava, it is called. Unfortunately this plug-in doesn't deliver the magic with sublime text 3.

Does any one know if sublime text 3 has a working plug-in for Java autocomplete?

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Sublime 3 does have basic autocompletion for Java baked-in - if you start typing "pub", for example, it'll suggest "public". I'd also suggest looking at the Javatar plugin, which adds things like automatic creation of classes, packages, and interfaces. The QuickJava plugin might also be worth a look - it adds automatic creation commands for setters, getters, and constructors.

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