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Is it possible to perform a transform on multiple input XML files?

It doesn't appear to be possible using XslCompiledTransform, but is there an alternative way of applying an XSLT?

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You can use the XSL function document() in your XSLT to reference an external XML file.

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+1. If the input XML files cannot be modified, create a "wrapper" XML document that references all input files using document(). –  dtb Nov 17 '09 at 21:39
  • Apply the transformation to each input XML file individually and compose the resulting XML documents into a single document.

  • Compose the input XML files into a single document and apply the transformation, e.g.

XElement root = new XElement("root",

XslCompiledTransform transform;
transform.Transform(root.CreateReader(), output);
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With XSL function some security settings are necessary in C#. I believe this is the correct solution:

<xsl:include href="Filename"/>

This method handles multiple files.

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