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How can I check for zombie session in websocket connection in nodejs? I have created a chatting server and I wanted to check if the client is still connected to server. When a clients disconnects manually it sends a 'close' signal which is easy to check but in case when there is a network problem and client is unable to send message there is nothing I can check for. So I wanted something like zombie session to check whether the client is connected or not? I am doing this on nodejs server using websocket..

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I don't know what a zombie session is, but you could simply ping each client every second or so. –  freakish Jul 8 '13 at 12:00
Exactly I also don't know about zombie session thats why I asked here but I am sure it is related with my problem here. I also don't how can I ping each client in websocket on nodejs... –  Ankit Bisht Jul 8 '13 at 18:15

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Well Zombie Sessions are mostly created when any user is connected to websoket but his Internet connection lost before disconnecting, in this case he is assumed as a active client by the server but actually he is not , for this zombie session you can check within a time interval for active users by sending a ping and receiving a pong for that , the ping pong model.

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