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So basically I have these two DateTextBoxes and I want to copy the value from one to another? Sounds easy, right? Still, it is not... I tried to do it this way:

dojo.byId("datetextbox1").value = dojo.byId("datetextbox2").value;

it actually looks like the value changes as the content of the field changes, but it doesn't really. When I inspect the element with firefox it still contains the old value in the code and when I try to submit the form, the old value is sent! So my question is: how should I change that damn value?

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You'll want to set the value on the widget and not directly on the node.

dijit.byId("datetextbox1").set('value', dijit.byId("datetextbox2").get('value'));

dijit.byId grabs widgets, dojo.byId grabs dom nodes

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