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I am using rails cache in my application for caching Active Record queries. I used a common method for Rails.cache.fetch, but it doesn't fetch the key. Am I missing anything here?

author = cache_fetch("author_id:#{current_user.id}") do

In my lib file:

  Rails.cache.fetch(key,expires_in: 30.minutes)
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#fetch takes a block, which is executed and the return value of which is cached if the key was not found in the cache. You should be using:

cache_fetch(key, options = {}, &block)
  Rails.cache.fetch(key, options.reverse_merge(expires_in: 30.minutes), &block)

If you don't pass the block, then Rails won't know what to cache in the event of a miss, and thus won't have anything to return. The addition of the optional options key allows you to pass overrides to cache_fetch that will then get passed onto #fetch, while still providing for defaults.

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Thanks @Chris.It works fine. –  Mano Jul 8 '13 at 9:14

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