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I have a parser class which uses Apache POI to parse Excel files.

When a cell contains 1.0, I would like to convert it to String "1". And when I get 1.1I would like to parse it to "1.1"

How to do that ?

I have try some experiments without success like that:

  case _ => doubleValue.toString

Or by using the Integer.parseInt()method.

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what's wrong with above code or what exception do you get? –  ib84 Jul 8 '13 at 8:20

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The following code returns an Int if possible, otherwise a Double

if (doubleValue.isValidInt)

You must beware that the common type between the two is AnyVal, and sometimes you should declare it explicitly to avoid the compiler to reconvert automatically the Int result to a Double.

P.S. if the outcome must be a String, you can pack the above code in a method and call toString on the result.

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