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I have a jqGrid with a textbox formatter column. When I perform search operation after entering something in the textbox, the textbox gets cleared. I want to retain the values in the textbox even after the search. Here's my code:

colModel : [ 
   {name:'val',index:'val', width:40, align:'center',searchoptions: { sopt: ['eq'] } },
   {name:'id',index:'id', width:50,sortable:false,align:'center',edittype: "text",search:false,formatter:ctrlformat}            

function ctrlformat (cellvalue, options, rowObject ){       
return '<input type="text" id='+cellvalue+' name="valId" />';

    $("#list").jqGrid('filterToolbar', {stringResult: true, searchOnEnter:true});   

grid with toolbar search, and colName "answer" with textbox

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