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I am migrating MOSS 2007 site to sharepoint 2010 without UI upgrade. In MOSS 2007, to search a specific keyword from the document uploaded on site we use to use "" tool. The result use to be in xml format. And I would fetch the filename of the document from the xml,Now that I am migrating it to 2010 I require a new tool. Hence I came across this: But this tool can search only till 10000 records. For next 10000 records it produces below error.

 <ResponsePacket xmlns="urn:Microsoft.Search.Response">
  <Response domain="">

My query is. Is there any alternate tool which I can use?

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I suspect the problem is not with the tool itself, but with the search service.

Check the USL logs to find the cause of the error.

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I referred link to solve the issue. But speaking about the tool. When I say "save result" it stops working. And when I click on "save all results" it just saves the code. I want to save the result as xml file. How do i do that?

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