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I'm trying to find and replace all instances of exception handling for standard errors, e.g.:

rescue StandardError => e
  logger.debug e.to_s

The answer here sounds like it should do what I want:

Regular Expression to find a string included between two characters, while EXCLUDING the delimiters

It led me to the following two possible regexes:


Neither of these match anything. I'm not sure whether the problem is with the regexes or the IDE (Rubymine).

Suggestions? Thanks!

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. does not match newline by default.

Prepend (?s) or (?sm) in your regular expression to make dot(.) match newline. Or add s or sm switch.

?> "begin statements... rescue".scan /begin(.*?)rescue/
=> [[" statements... "]]
>> "begin statements...\n rescue".scan /begin(.*?)rescue/
=> []
>> "begin statements...\n rescue".scan /begin(.*?)rescue/s
=> []
>> "begin statements...\n rescue".scan /begin(.*?)rescue/sm
=> [[" statements...\n "]]
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