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I am looking for MATLAB code that does some routine (updates a file.m), if file.csv is edited more recently than file.m.

Something that should look like:

% Write time extraction
tempC     = GetFileTime('file.csv', [], 'Write');
tempdateC = tempC.date
tempM     = GetFileTime('file.m', [], 'Write');
tempdateM = tempM.date

% Write time comparison
if numel(dir('file.m')) == 0 || tempdateC >= tempdateM
    matDef = regexprep(fileread('file.csv'), '(\r\n|\r|\n)', ';\n');
    f = fopen('file.m', 'w');
    fwrite(f, ['Variable = [' matDef(1:end) '];']);

The lines for timestamp extraction seem to be incorrect MATLAB code. The rest works (MATLAB: Evaluate variable in string).

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You can extract the modification time of a file using MATLAB's dir command. Something like:

function modTime = GetFileTime(fileName)
listing = dir(fileName);
% check we got a single entry corresponding to the file
assert(numel(listing) == 1, 'No such file: %s', fileName);
modTime = listing.datenum;

Note that the output is in MATLAB's datenum serial date format.

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