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I'm trying to query a database through Hive/Thrift in PHP. However, I am constantly getting an error:

TSocket: timed out reading 4 bytes from XYZ

I'm using a code from


along with this PHP Thrift Client


My code:


$socket    = new TSocket( 'XYZ', 12345 );

$socket->setSendTimeout(30 * 1000);
$socket->setRecvTimeout(30 * 1000);

$transport = new TBufferedTransport( $socket, 1024, 1024 );
$protocol  = new TBinaryProtocol( $transport );

$client    = new ThriftHiveClientEx( $protocol );


$client->execute("my query");


Note - I am able to connect with XYZ through console (telnet command).

I would appriciate any help. Thanks.

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I had a similar problem when starting with those exact same resources. It turns out the code is not recognizing whether it has timed out or whether it is blocking the port. I found this article which helped me:


In your TSocket.php code ( garamon_base_dir/lib/transport ) you have to edit approximately lines 223 through 236.

Where it says:

if( $buf === FALSE || $buf === '' ) { ...
if( $md['timed_out'] ) { ...
and then again
if( $md[timed_out'] ) { ...

change to (respectively):

if( $buf === FALSE ) { ...
if( true === $md['timed_out'] && false === $md['blocked'] )
and finally 
if( true === $md['timed_out'] && false === $md['blocked'] )

Then it started working after this fix. Good luck!

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