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I have the following xml document:

<xml-fragment accessId="testxml" ver="1.1" xmlns:ext="some_stuff">
    <ext:LocVal id="01" maxNr="5">
        <ext:Coord x="18" y="52"/>

I would like to transform it into this example:

<Reg accessId="testxml" ver="1.1">
    <LocVal id="01" maxNr="5">
        <Coord x="18" y="52"/>

Namespaces must be ignored and the xml element "xml-fragment" muste be renamed into "Reg". Also the xml element "xml-fragment" needs so longer the attribute "xmlns:ext="some_stuff"".

I generate the XML Document with XMLBeans. So i am quite sure, that I must work the the specific class XMlOption, but i donĀ“t find the right way of solution for my problem. I have been worked with the following java code, bit nothing happens:

XmlOptions options = new XmlOptions();

Map<String, String> substNameSpaces = new HashMap<String, String>();
substNameSpaces.put("xml-fragment", "Reg");
substNameSpaces.put("ext:LocVal", "LocVal");
substNameSpaces.put("ext:Coord", "Coord");


How can help me?

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FYI: the XML namespace for the ext prefix is some_stuff, so what you are doing is unlikely to work. Personally I would start with XSLT for document transformations. –  McDowell Jul 8 '13 at 12:21

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