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I have 3 fragments, A, B and C that i have to display in a activity depending on the orientation of the screen. In the portrait mode i want to display A and B, in the landscape mode i want to display B and C.

What is the best practice to add dynamically my fragments to the activity knowing that when the tablet is rotated, the activity calls the on Create method ?

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It depends on what these fragments are expected to do and other app related factors. In your case you can check display orientation in onCreate() or, if fragments are not added from code, create different layout file in layout-land with the same name and reference different fragments directly in XML

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thanks,actually the fragments are added by code. How can my fragment B keep the same state (we suppose that he contains an EditText)? another questions: what is the use of layout-land and layout-port if i have to check my display orientation ? should layout-land and layout-port be used only when you add your fragments directly in XML ? –  Blacksword888 Jul 8 '13 at 10:59

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