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Is this possible to evaluate the duration between a specified date on a form of a workflow, and the system date ? that what I want to do, in order to show (if this possible too) a short message if 1 day occurs since the specified date above, forbidding the transition of the status Closed to Reopened...

Thanks a lot,


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I think the Script Runner has a validator that does something like this but I can't find it. Then you could write a post function with the Script Runner. Otherwise it's back to creating a custom validator, as described in my book Practical JIRA Plugins (O'Reilly)

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You can use the ScriptRunner plugin in addition with the following script in the validator section for the Reopened transition:

Date now = new Date()
Date cfDate = new Date(cfValues['YourCustomField'].getTime())
new Date(now.getYear(), now.getMonth(), now.getDate()).compareTo(cfDate) <= 0

Replace YourCustomField with the name of your custom field. This will ensure that the transition will check whether the current date is beyond the date set in the custom field, and blocks it if it is.

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First of all, thank you for your answer.
It works to allow transition when dates are similar, but my purpose was modified by my responsible. He would like to allow the transition if dates are similar or if the duration between them is only 1 day or less.

Example :

System date is 09/07/2013 (Paris)

My date (dd/mm/yyyy format)                Transition allowed                    Why
   07/07/2013                                                     NO                                my date is former to system date

   08/07/2013                                                     NO                                my date is former to system date

   09/07/2013                                                     YES                              my date and system date equals

   10/07/2013                                                     YES                              only 1 day occur between 2 dates

   11/07/2013                                                     NO                                2 days occur between 2 dates

Here is the code I wrote in order to do that, but it does'nt work (maybe a Java syntax error?) :

Date now = new Date()
Date cfDate = new Date(cfValues['Date de clôture réelle de la demande'].getTime())
new Boolean(((now.getTime() - cfDate) / 86400000) <= 1) && (now.getTime() >= cfDate ))

Excuse me for my english. I'm french, and I try to improve my English.

Thanks a lot.

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