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I'm working with net-snmp C API , i create a MIB file ( containt a table of information ).

After that i used the mib2c that gives me two file "myproject.h" and "myproject.c"

I copy this two files in the directory : /net-snmp/agent/mibgroup

and i compile like this : 1) ./configure --with-mib-modules=myproject 2) make 3) sudo make install

and from a terminal i run this command : snmpd -f -L -Dmyproject and i get the message below : registered debug token myproject,1 Turning on AgentX master support NET-SNMP version 5.7.2

My question is :

that when i try to run snmptable for this table i get the messsage : NO ENTRIES and when i try to make snmpset to this table : i get this massage

Error in packet. Reason: notWritable (That object does not support modification)

*NOTE : in my file myproject.c i followed the example given by the net-Snmp :data_set.c http://www.net-snmp.org/dev/agent/data__set_8c-example.html

but my table has not been initialisated

please i need help

thanks in advance

thanks K1eran for your reply .

the problem that i have it's not because of a badcommunity , here is my community configuration in the file of snmpd located in /usr/local/share/snmp:

full access from the localhost

rocommunity public localhost rwcommunity private

really i don't know what is the problem ?

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Possibly related to community strings i.e. snmpset's -c flag . It would be better to see details of snmpset and snmptable commands however as described at : net-snmp snmpset tutorial ...

Note that if you don't have write permission to the object ...

% snmpset -v 2c -c badcommunity test.net-snmp.org ucdDemoPublicString.0 s "hello"

Error in packet.

Reason: notWritable


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