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Is there a function to determine whether a URI is a valid virtual path? I'm given a string and need to use Server.MapPath() on it without throwing an Exception when the string is not a valid virtual path.

Vote to close my question. Answer is @ http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1308723/asp-net-is-my-path-virtual.

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You could use the File.Exists() and Directory.Exists() methods to check the output of Server.MapPath() and verify that a file/directory exists at the specified path.

Dim myPath as String = Server.MapPath('/some/path.aspx')
If File.Exists(myPath) Then
    //Do Something
   If Directory.Exists(myPath) Then
       //Do Something
       //Invalid path
   End If
End If
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If "/some/path.aspx" is a full URL, Server.MapPath() will throw an HttpException. –  JamesBrownIsDead Nov 17 '09 at 23:34
True, you can add exception handling for that case. In my experience, when using Server.MapPath, it has been on SERVER variables such as SCRIPT_NAME, which would not give you a full URL. In any case, glad you found your answer :) –  jaywon Nov 17 '09 at 23:45

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