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Why does the following fail?


and what is the right way to test that?

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For expect, .equal will compare objects rather than their data, and in your case it is two different arrays.

Use .eql in order to deeply compare values. Check out this link.
Or you could use .deep.equal in order to simulate same as .eql.
Or in your case you might want to check .members.

For asserts you can use .deepEqual, link.

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FTR, the deep equal syntax has changed to: .deepEqual() (chaijs.com/api/assert). –  Ludder Dec 2 at 9:18
It is not changed, you are looking at Asserts functionality, but not Expect/Should which topic starter was concerned about. –  moka Dec 2 at 13:53
You're right, I didn't read well. I thought it's just another API change. –  Ludder Dec 2 at 15:19

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