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How should I get image from canvas to CUploadedFile::getInstance? or is there any way how to save image from canvas in Yii?

I have this:

  var canvas=document.getElementById("photoCanvas");

and I am using Ajax to get photoData to php, I aslo know how to save it onve it's loaded in CUploadedFile::getInstance


but what should be between these two codes? how should I save $_POST['photoData'] to $uploadedFile?

Simplified: How to get url image to CUploadedFile?

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It is not using $_FILES as would with classic file upload, if you have that data in $_POST['photoData'] simply use file_put_contents (decode first, see footnote):

file_put_contents(Yii::app()->basePath.'/../images/'.$fileName, $_POST['photoData']);

For decoding see PHP Data-URI to file

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