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I am currently using libxml2 to parse a String from memory to a tree with the xmlParseDoc function. However, after I have added new nodes to the XML,using the libxml2 functions, I need to revert back to string form from the tree, similar to the xmlSaveFormatFile function, only using strings and not actual on disk documents and I do not know the function that could do something like this. Thank you very much

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Use xmlDocDumpMemory and friends. From the documentation:

void xmlDocDumpMemory(xmlDocPtr cur, xmlChar **mem, int *size);

Dump an XML document in memory and return the #xmlChar * and it's size in bytes. It's up to the caller to free the memory with xmlFree(). The resulting byte array is zero terminated, though the last 0 is not included in the returned size.

cur: the document
mem: OUT: the memory pointer
size: OUT: the memory length

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