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We can start scala console with some predifined compiler phase mode with -Xprint:typer, but can it be turned on in the console or changed dynamically within a session?

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There's an issue


and a PR


For now,

scala> :power
** Power User mode enabled - BEEP WHIR GYVE **
** :phase has been set to 'typer'.          **
** scala.tools.nsc._ has been imported      **
** global._, definitions._ also imported    **
** Try  :help, :vals, power.<tab>           **

scala> settings.processArgumentString("-Ylog:typer")
res0: (Boolean, List[String]) = (true,List())

scala> val i = 8
[log typer] [+symbol] method $line in object $read (flags: <method>)

But you can't turn it off.

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