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Is there a way to have multiple fq fields per query?

My goal is to create differnt groups of doccuments that match one sub query or another, and then boost the groups appropriately.

My approach was to use nested queries _query_:"..." and the boost the results (after all, it is as if it is just another field).

The issue that I have is that the nested queries do not seem to support the fq parameter. I have tried the following:

_query_:"{!edismax} text fq=myfield:val"


_query_:"{!edismax fq=inst_inv_id_attr:1888434265} Franco"

In both cases, the fq parameter seems to be ignored, and only the text is used.

How can I included multiple (disjoint) fq parameters in a Solr query?

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can you explain with an example your use case ? –  Jayendra Jul 9 '13 at 5:51
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