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Basically I want to modify the existing view in DB2 database. We are using quirrel client 3.4.0 to access the Database. How to get source SQL queries for the views in squirrel client 3.4.0?

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  • Click on the view in the browser nav on the left.
  • Select the Objects Tab.
  • Select the Source tab (you might have to use the arrow keys to the right of 'Info, Content, Row Count...' tabs)

Although a late reply, hope this helps in some way.

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This is an extract from the English paper description of SQLSquirrel found here

Many applications make use of Views or Stored Procedures. Views and Stored Procedures may be executed in SQuirreL, but there is no SQL standard for storing them. Since the method for reading and editing them is product dependent, you will need a product-specific plugin to provide that ability. Several of these exist, but you may need to create one for your database engine. We will show how easy that is in the ‘Programming plugins’ section.

The citated "Programming plugins" section starts at page 16 of the given paper. Good luck!

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