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I don't understand where is the problem. I know about the recurring "too many cell formats" in VBA excel, but now I have the problem with a simple line of code:

If color <> -1 Then
 ActiveCell.Interior.color = Cell_Color
End If 

Where activecell is only a cell. Can you explain me why I got this problem ? How can I handle it without add-ins ?

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what are your Cell_color and color variable values when you error occurs? Can you provide more of your code? –  KazJaw Jul 8 '13 at 15:38

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I was quite surprised to have a "too many cell format" with only one cell because I tought excel was talking about the format of that cell. In fact this has nothing to do with the formats in the selection.

Its about a problem, only in excel 2003 where cells format are kept in memory, even unused ones. The number of cell format is also kept in a variable. Which is an integer and so is bounded to 65.000+. the problem appears when it is no more possible to increase the number of cell formats due to the integer limit.

Before this problems appears, a high number of cells formats can cause slowness of the macros. See the second answer here to clean unused cell format:

Too Many Different Cell Formats

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