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I have a ViewModel bound to my UI

<div class="editor-label-medium-bold">
    <div data-bind="text: 'Cancellation Amount'"></div>
<div class="editor-field-short">
    <div id="CancellationAmount" data-bind="text: CancellationAmount"></div>

The value for CancellationAmount does get displayed on when ko.applyBindings(xxx) is called. All good up to this point.

I have a JQueryUI datepicker, and upon date change I get an updated figure for the cancellation amount. This gets the right value back.

    dataType: "json",
    method: "GET",
    url: '@Url.Action(MVC.XYZ.ActionNames.GetCancellationAmount, MVC.XYZ.Name)',
    data: { date: mdl.CancelDate(), policyid: '@ViewBag.PolicyID' }
.done(function (response) {
    mdl.CancellationAmount = ko.observable(response);
.fail(function (response) {

Neither of the two lines in the "done" callback are updating the UI. I test this with Chrome and in the console, mdl.CancellationAmount() returns the correct figure, yet the UI wont budge.

I am on the verge of unbinding this field and manually update it with JQuery like I attempt on the second line of the "done" callback. I think because the field is bound, knockout stops JQuery (maybe anything else...) from updating it.

I should probably mention this line of code:

mdl.CancellationAmount = ko.observable(mdl.AnnualPremium());

On initial load, my model from the server sends null for CancellationAmount, so I copy another value to it which is a positive decimal figure, but I unwrap that, so dont think that is the issue. This line is just before ko.applyBindings(xxx)

Has anyone seen this before, or has any idea how to overcome this issue?

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You assign data to mdl.CancellationAmount in a wrong way. It is already observable so you should use () to assign value in done function. Rewrite your callback as follow:

.done(function (response) {
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Thank you very much Artem, that was the last piece of the puzzle! –  Ian Danger Robertson Jul 8 '13 at 20:44
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