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I have this Crystal report: Don't mind the foreign language :)

Bottom part of my report

Map: (Below the selected section)

PageFooter A: Services + Description.

PageFooter B: Only Services.

PageFooter C: Only Description. (not optional)

PageFooter D: Signature (optional)

"Service" is optional too, I'll explain that later... (after the behavior)


Client must select:

Show "Service" or not AND Show "Signature" or not.

IF "Service" selected: (trial nº 1)

Pagefooter B and C must appear. (Signature too)

B supress method:

if PageNumber > 1 then
else //Page 1
  if {?ISSQN} = "supress" then
  else //With services

C can't be supressed.


D supress method:

if {?posSignature} = "top" then
  if PageNumber > 1 then

Result: Broken pagefooter

Only half of PageFooter C appears.

IF "Service" selected: (trial nº2)

Pagefooter A must appear. (note: this pagefooter is nothing more than B + C)

In this case, I can delete the two pagefooters (B and C), will happen the same thing above (trial 1), The report won't alocate space for the Section D. AKA: Crytal report can't manage to have 2 footers.

Result: Large blank space

Pagefooter A appear, but there is a large blank space relative to the size of the supressed Pagefooter B + C, and Pagefooter D consumes part of that space. (maybe because he came later)

More Explanation:

There is 2 optional sections, (Service and Signature) and the required Description.

4 states:

+Service +Signature 
-Service +Signature 
+Service -Signature 
-Service -Signature 

I tried to make 3 Report Footers, the behavior of trial 1 happen.

I also tried to make 4 report footers (with the 4 states), if the client don't choose 1 of the optional fields, a white space is left in the report (like the behavior of the trial 2)

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Why do you have a separate Pagefooter A and a copy of it which is B + C ? –  David - Jul 8 '13 at 17:56
The page-footer section is designed to be printed after the details section. You can configure the details section to Print at Bottom of Page and Underlay Following Sections, however. –  craig Jul 8 '13 at 18:18
Please edit your answer to include the suppression logic that you are using for each of the page-footer sections. –  craig Jul 8 '13 at 18:19
@David, For testing purposes. B+C for Trial 1, A for Trial 2. Two diferente errors. –  Nicke Manarin Jul 8 '13 at 22:57
@craig The 3 report footers must be below the Details section. But 2 of those footers, can be supressed. The problem is that I can't manage to show the selected footers at the bottom of the page. Or there is no space enough, or there is too much blank space. –  Nicke Manarin Jul 8 '13 at 23:34

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I manage to get working using UnderlaySection option.


+Serice +Description +Signature (false, false, true)

-Service +Description +Signature (true, false, true)

+Service +Description -Signature (false, true, true)

-Service +Description -Signature (true, true, true)

Thanks for helping... :D

Now, the two optional sections fit the space, finnally!

BUT only works manually, I don't know if need some special formula, here is mine:

if {?service} = "true" then //If supress services
   true //do underlay

PHEW, works via code!

        if (param["posSignature"] == "top") //Dictionary of params
        {//danfe is my report
            danfe.PageFooterDescription.SectionFormat.EnableUnderlaySection = true;
            danfe.PageFooterDescription.SectionFormat.EnableUnderlaySection = false;

            if (param["Service"] == "supress")
            danfe.PageFooterService.SectionFormat.EnableUnderlaySection = true;
            danfe.PageFooterService.SectionFormat.EnableUnderlaySection = false;
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I'm glad that you managed to solve your problem. –  David - Jul 9 '13 at 21:18

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