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I have been trying to upload some files to my site. FTP always hangs (I get messages like ECONNABORTED). Right after that, I can't access my own site. I know it is up because I can access the site via an online proxy site.

Pinging my site gives me a 100% loss. Tracert my site starts to get "Request Timed Out" from line 14 and onward.

I am very confused why the failure from FTP will block me from accessing my site?

The "downtime" (the downtime that is just to me) will last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. I will be able to upload the files again (but not able to finish uploading the whole package... because it always hangs somewhere). If I upload again, FTP will hang, and site will be down for me again.

Does anyone know how this is connected? What is blocking me from accessing my own site from my end? I am not familiar with networking (if that is the right word).

This is just a curiosity question. I will be making a post with the error logs from FTP client once I can connect to the site again.

Thank you.

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This sounds like you are blocked by purpose on network level (firewall). This might indicate that there is some protection system which detects problems during the ftp session and blocks your ip address for a certain time. Take a look at the fail2ban package for example and learn about their protection strategy. – arkascha Jul 8 '13 at 16:15

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