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Currently, I have an application which uses a Versant DB. I can build this application in ant and have an ant-task for unit testing. When I run the testing task from command line, all of the test cases will run correctly. However, when I try to run the ant testing task through Jenkins/Hudson, some of the test cases throw a NoClassDefFoundError looking for one of the Versant files. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing in Jenkins to fix this?

Stack Trace:

    [junit] Testcase: warning(junit.framework.TestSuite$1): FAILED
    [junit] Exception in constructor: testGetTransactionWithStubSelector     (java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class com.versant.trans.TransSession
    [junit]     at com.projectName.database.SessionPool.createPooledObject(
    [junit]     at com.projectName.util.pooling.PoolManager$ReflectivePooledObjectHandler.createPooledObject(
    [junit]     at com.projectName.util.pooling.PoolManager.init(
    [junit]     at com.projectName.database.SessionPool.<init>(
    [junit]     at com.projectName.database.DB.<init>(
    [junit]     at com.projectName.database.DB.get(
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I am facing same issue – Pratik Goyal Jun 2 '14 at 12:19

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