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We are using solaris box and there are multiple log files are generating into it .. for reading each file every time we need to connect through putty and go to specific path and open it via tail command or grep .. I want to create 1 shell script which can reduce my efforts to open each log file every time .. it will help us reducing lot of efforts . In shell script i can configure the path of all the log files that are needed each time and ince user run this .sh script all the log files are opened ....

Can some one help me in implementing this idea.. Any help in this context is grateful.

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Instead of opening the log files locally, I would recommend to use syslog to centralize your logs to an unique location on a syslog server.

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Valid approach too... – MarcoZen Jul 9 '13 at 4:02


A. Since you have a solaris box already running , you could use cron to hourly check your logs, zip them up and email them to your email account.

B.If you want to do this from the client side;

  • Use the ssh server on your server -Machine B
  • Create passwordless logins on Machine B via ssh keys
  • Create a shell script on Machine A that can scp the log file that you need from machine B to Machine A

Good Luck.

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Thanks for your answer but we don't have right to move files to some other locations or moving into mailbox.I just want to connect my solaris box with putty and open log files on a single click/script Suppose , i have 5 log files present in 5 different locations in the box .. so every day i have to type commands to go into all these 5 log files path and open it will take around 20 minutes approx daily . I Just want to run 1 shell script which opens all these files – sachin k Jul 8 '13 at 17:18
With cron, you dont have to move the logs. U zip and mail them out . – MarcoZen Jul 9 '13 at 4:01

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