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I have the Laravel Administrator Plugin and I set up a setting administrator page that is located in:


The application can store the data, but when i try to get some data in one of my controllers like this:


I can get a returned value... Always null or array 0.

How I can get those configuration values?

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You can use a file path rather than dot notation for file paths:


Some Explanation

Dot notation is used to get variables inside the config array within a file, rather than to denote file paths.

Therefore you can use Config::get('administrator/settings/site.variable_name'); to get $variable_name from administrator/settings/site.php, or ENV_DIR_NAME/administrator/settings/site.php depending on your environment.

Directories within in app/config are read as environments. For example app/development/database.php will work with Config::get('database.whatever') when you're in your "development" environment while app/production/database.php will be read with Config::get('database.whatever') when you're in the "production" environment.

Laravel falls back to the config/config/*.php file when no environment-specific file is present.


I believe that admin package has a config file in app/config/packages/frozennode/administrator/administrator.php which the package would like you to use for it's settings. That should be available using this convention: Config::get('package::file.option');

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