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I have got one way to extract string from this ["name space"]

      var  ca = "<%= doc["cas1"]%>"

       var newArr =  /&quot;(.*)&quot;/.exec(ca);

Got the exact text(name space) in alert, but the issue happens here, when i set that value in html,

newTextBoxDiv.after().html('<input type="text"  value='+ newArr[1] +' >');

it'll split into different like

<input id="textboxcast4" type="text" space="" value="name" name="Cast4">

so the users can only view the first part in text filed how this happening?

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can you please elaborate more? – Chirag Vidani Jul 8 '13 at 17:48
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You need to surround the value of the value attribute with quotes:

newTextBoxDiv.after().html('<input type="text" value="'+ newArr[1] +'" >');

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