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I know how to italicize the entire text of a QTreeWidgetItem:

QTreeWidgetItem* elt = new QTreeWidgetItem(item);
QFont font = elt->font(0);
elt->setText(0, choice);
elt->setFont(0, font);

But is it possible to italicize only part of that text? (e.g. the first one or two words)

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It's possible with:

QTreeWidgetItem *item = new QTreeWidgetItem(treeWidget);
QLabel *label = new QLabel("<i>italics</i>, <b>bold</b>, normal", treeWidget);
treeWidget->setItemWidget(item, 0, label);

but cleaner solution could be by using QTreeView and subclassing QItemDelegate.

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There is no such option by default. You need to set a QItemDelegate that is able to render HTML. See this solution.

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