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I am making a news website with Codeigniter, and I have an Articles MySQL table like ID,Title,Body,Categories,Created etc...

In Categories field I have category separated with comma(,) like...

  • Article 1 Categories : National,Crime,Cinema
  • Article 2 Categories : National,City,Drama
  • Article 3 Categories : Funny,International,Cinema
  • Article 4 Categories : National,Crime,Cinema

I want to fetch article with Specific Category.. like National (1,2,4). I tried many methods but nothing seems to work.

Please Help Thanks.

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Since it is not finished, i would really consider changing of db structure... you should have separate category table, and one additional table for article-category connection (id,cat_id, article_id). Then you can get what you want relatively easy. If you want to keep this scheme:… maybe this could help. – nevermind Jul 8 '13 at 18:50

you can use FIND_IN_SET method to query your Categories field

FIND_IN_SET('Crime', your_table.Categories)

Your approach has a number of shortcomings, It would def be more scalable in the long run to change your tables relationship to Categories. You can use a manytomany relationship and a join table to more easily query your categories.

FIND_IN_SET will do a full table scan, and using this comma seperated way will be very difficult to aggregate, and get article/category counts.

Is storing a delimited list in a database column really that bad?

Bill Karwin has included this anti pattern as the first chapter in his excellent book.

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Thanks for reply... i will surely try your approach and let you know if its worked. thanks a lot. – Amit Jul 11 '13 at 17:39

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