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My html:

<div id="body" ng-controller="ClientController">    
    <select kendo-drop-down-list>
        <option data-ng-repeat="client in Clients">{{ client.Name }}</option>
    <button data-ng-click="loadClients()">Load Clients</button>
    <pre>http response data: {{ data }}</pre>


And my javascript:

function ClientController($scope, $http) {
    $scope.url = "/tracker/api/client";
    $scope.selectedClient = null;
    $scope.Clients = null;
    $scope.loadClients = function () {
        $http.get($scope.url).then(function (response) {
            $ =;
            $scope.Clients =;

When I click the button, I retrieve a bunch of json from my webapi server- this data displays okay in the response data section- but my dropdown is always empty. The HTML page shows this:

<option value="? object:null ?"></option>

Which I take means I am not getting data set properly. I'm obviously an angular n00b :) what am I missing?

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You should use the ng-options directive.


<select ng-model="selectedClient" ng-options=" for client in Clients">

Here is more info. The usage of ng-options is a bit different for arrays vs objects and there are a few different ways to use it, but there's a little somethin' for everyone:

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I don't know why, but I cant get this to work... if I do this: <ul><li data-ng-repeat="client in Clients">{{ client.Name }}</li></ul> I see the list of clients just fine. But <select kendo-drop-down-list ng-options="client.Name for client in Clients"></select> still shows nothing... – Nicros Jul 8 '13 at 21:36
It's the kendo ui stuff- if I remove that, this works. – Nicros Jul 8 '13 at 22:27
Yes the kendo thing takes the select and tries to make it out of a <ul> which clashes with what angular tries to do. – Hippocrates Jul 10 '13 at 14:55

I know it's an old question, but someone might find this helpful when working with kendo and restful services.

One way to go is using k-rebind, it could look like this (I haven't tested it):

    <select kendo-drop-down-list k-rebind="Clients.length">
      <option data-ng-repeat="client in Clients">{{ client.Name }}</option>

You may experiment with k-rebind="Clients" even. It basicaly reinits kendo widget for you when a variable or object changes. Source:

If you don't need to display the dropdown before data is loaded. Try using ng-if, which in some cases delays kendo:

    <select kendo-drop-down-list ng-if="Clients.length > 0">
      <option data-ng-repeat="client in Clients">{{ client.Name }}</option>
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