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I would like to find a library for parsing and generating text in common lisp. I would like it to be maintained and documented and preferably with a community that could answer questions.

In the past I have used for the same job ANTLR/StringTemplate in Java and Boost.Spirit in C++. Both projects are well documented in my opinion. From what I am reading, Parsec for Haskell would also meet my requirements. But I have not found something similar for LISP. Perhaps lispers parse texts using their own hand-made parsers?

I am aware of this question, but the so-called documentation on smug is a technical report on monadic parsing, with examples in Haskell. The documentation of LispBuilder looks rather short also. Most projects in CLiki seem abandoned.

Which library would you recommend? The grammar I need to parse is not very complicated.

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I think there is a .Net version of ANTLR. Perhaps it would integrate well with your C++ depending on your compiler. – Lee Meador Jul 8 '13 at 19:20
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You might have a look at

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CL-yacc worked for me, basically because the docs are usable and it allows you to easily define precedence rules. – postfuturist Jul 8 '13 at 22:53

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