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basically im in a little dilemma... As usual, IE6 is messing up some tiny line of CSS.

All i need to fix everything is:


Thats it. But, heres the problem. This is for a uni assigned piece of coursework and they say only 1 css file which must be valid. And no conditional comments :S so there goes my plan. Is there any way to target IE6 ONLY (not 7+ etc.) and still maintain a valid CSS file?

PS: before any of you say, well you should rethink your CSS etc, I have, its for a CSS dropdown menu and a nested element is stretching my link container so i need overflow set to hidden. Only IE6 needs this :S


html>body .allbrowsersceptIE6 {

.onlyIE6 {

It works because all other browsers use the first value and ignore the second one unless the second has !important on it :D

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If it comes down to using hacks as your only option:

So, you want to apply that rule to #menu or whatever:

* html #menu { overflow: hidden; }
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Although i didnt test it, it validates so I award you with the answer. Check my op for my solution tho :D – Ozzy Nov 18 '09 at 3:43
Ah, very nice - yeah that should work as well! :D – pssdbt Nov 18 '09 at 11:19

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