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I have a DataTable that I am pulling from a DataSet. From the DataTable, I want to use the Where clause to return a particular row. I looked at "How can I select a row from a datatable using two variable values?" but I get an error

"Cannot implicitly convert type 'System.Data.DataRow[]' to 'System.Data.DataRow'"

I searched google, but could not find a solution.

My code is:


DataTable dtTable = myDataSet.Tables[0];
DataRow dr = dtTable.Select("VendorID = " + Session["VendorId"].ToString());

How can I resolve this?

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The Select method of a DataTable returns an array of DataRow even if your query selects only one row

DataRow[] dr = dtTable.Select("VendorID = " + Session["VendorId"].ToString());

Then, if you really expects just one row, you could easily grab the expected row checking for the length of the array. In this case it is my opinion that no fancy Enumerable extension methods are really needed

if(dr.Length > 0)
    string avalue = dr[0]["AColumnName"].ToString();
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Hockey Puck!!! That was an easy one. Thanks Steve. –  Csharp Jul 8 '13 at 19:58

Select() is returning an array of rows, and you're assigning it to a single row.

You can do :

DataRow dr = dtTable.Select("VendorID = " + Session["VendorId"].ToString()).First();


var dr = dtTable.Select("VendorID = " + Session["VendorId"].ToString());

which will give you an array of rows.

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Can't find FirstOrDefault in intellisense –  Csharp Jul 8 '13 at 19:49
You need .net >= 3.5 and a reference to System.Data.DataSetExtensions and System.Linq for this to work.. –  Oscar Jul 8 '13 at 19:51

Asuming there is only one unique result

DataTable dtTable = myDataSet.Tables[0];
DataRow[] drs = dtTable.Select("VendorID = " + Session["VendorId"].ToString());
if(drs.Length > 0)
    DataRow dr = drs[0];
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DataTable.Select() returns an array of DataRow.

DataRow[] dr = dtTable.Select("VendorID = " + Session["VendorId"].ToString());

If you only want the first record,

DataRow[] dr = dtTable.Select("VendorID = " + Session["VendorId"].ToString()).FirstOrDefault();
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Use the method First():

DataRow dr = dtTable.Select("VendorID = " + Session["VendorId"].ToString()).First();
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The Select() method returns an IEnumerable collection with one DataRow inside, in your case. You must extract the DataRow from that collection with FirstOrDefault() instead.

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