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When fetching DB I am getting results and everything works to the point where I am getting a price from DB, which is also works, but what I really need to have is if price returned 0 than that "0" should be replace with "P.O.D" instead.

Any help is appreciated.

here is my query code:

 $samples = "SELECT * FROM materials, category_price WHERE materials.type = :cat AND materials.supplier = '$supplier' AND materials.category_id = category_price.category_id";
$res = $db->prepare($samples);
$res->execute(array(':cat' => $category));
$count = $res->rowCount();
if($count > 0)
echo "
<section class=\"border mar_t_40\">
while ($row = $res -> fetch()){
    $postimggranite = $row[image];
    $postidgranite = $row[id];
    $postname = $row[mat_name];
    $folder = $row[type];
    $folder = strtolower($folder);
    $supplier = strtolower($supplier);
    $category_id = $row[category_id];
    $price = ("£ ".$row[price]);

<span class="grid white_back mar_l_30">
<a class="fancybox" href="$img_path/$folder/$supplier/large/$postimggranite" rel="group[$postidgranite]" title="$postname"><img alt="$row[name]" src="$img_path/$folder/$supplier/small/$postimggranite" width="100" height="100">$postname</a>

echo "<div class=\"clearfloat\"></div></section>";
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So how have you tried to do this? Are you looking for a DB query solution or a PHP code solution? – Mike Brant Jul 8 '13 at 20:18
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See this question.

This is the expression you are looking for.

$price = ($row[price] === 0) ? "P.O.D." : ("£ ".$row[price]);

Edit: Side note: I use === 0 because of the problem that is described in this question.

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works. sweet, my mistake was that I have been placing "!" instead of "?". – AlexB Jul 8 '13 at 20:20

You can change your query to something like:

SELECT some_fields, IF(price=0, 'P.O.D', price) AS price FROM materials, category_price WHERE materials.type = :cat AND materials.supplier = '$supplier' AND materials.category_id = category_price.category_id

But why not handle the condition within PHP?

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several ideas come to mind, one is the ternary operator:

$price = ($row[price] == 0 ? 'P.O.D' : '£ ' . $row[price]);
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$price = (empty($row[price]) ? "P.O.D" : "£ " . $row[price]);
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