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If I am editing a file in a Git/Hg repo, is there any plugin that helps highlighting newly added/changed/deleted lines in Vim? Please note that I am not looking for a side by side comparison thing. Thanks.

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possible duplicate of How to use Vim to quickly see Mercurial or Git changes –  FDinoff Jul 8 '13 at 20:42

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Besides the vim-signify plugin, there exists a whole bunch of other plugins that does the same:






(not all of them work with all vcs though).

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vim signify works perfectly for me, but thanks for the list anyway. –  boh Jul 10 '13 at 3:02

This plugin can display the changes in the gutter, not side by side comparison:


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you could just issue a ! command and do git status there...

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I suggest the fugitive plugin found here

It only works for git repositories but has a side by side Gdiff command. It also has a Glog command that will find recent commits for a file.

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For Mercurial, an equivalent of fugitive is lawrencium: http://bolt80.com/lawrencium

It supports both side-by-side diff and a highlighted diff-like view (basically what you get from hg diff <file>.

(disclaimer: I'm the author)

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