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I would like to analyze Excel files, especially those which contain VBA programs inside. because I plan to run this analysis on lots of Excel files one by one, I don't want to open these files within Microsoft Excel to analyze them.

One difficulty is to find and parse the VBA macros of an Excel file. We know that an Excel file can be converted to .zip file which contains lots of .xml and vbaProject.bin, it is pretty certain that VBA macros are in vbaProject.bin. However, the problem is how to read it?

Does anyone know if there is any tool or API to find and parse the VBA macros?

Does anyone know if there is any tool or API to read vbaProject.bin?

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There is a very large PDF from Microsoft which documents how to extract functions from the vbaproject.bin: [Source]

Some additional information which may or may not be complimentary to the above:

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