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Hi I am new with Perl programming, I wrote a code to store a first number from a scalar variable using regular expression but i am getting first number from last line but I need number from first line.

For example in the following code I need $num = 22 but code returns 656.

my $num ;

my $sample = "fd 22 sdf sdf 96 
dsf6 66s sd6 7777 sd
656 dd 55  ";

my @sentences = split(/\n/, $sample);

for my $line(@sentences)
    ($num )= $line =~ /([0-9]+) .*/ ;

print $num;

Can some one tell me whats wrong with my logic?

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You're overwriting the variable each time through the loop. –  Barmar Jul 8 '13 at 22:15
Why are you looping if you only care about the first line? –  Barmar Jul 8 '13 at 22:16
this is only test case but in my actual scenario I want to get the number from email subject therefore the subject can contain more than one line –  jj99 Jul 8 '13 at 22:25

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Your code overwrites the first match in the following iterations of the loop, 22 matches but 666 replaces it. Just break after the first match:

($num )= $line =~ /([0-9]+) .*/ and last;

or remove the loop and match against the sample:

($num )= $sample =~ /([0-9]+)/;
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I think the pattern as written won't filter out entries like "s67" in the following

my $sample = "fd 66s s67 22 sdf sdf 96 dsf6 66s 656 dd 55 ";

and so it needs something like

($num) = $line =~ /\b([0-9]+)\b.*/ and last;

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Or try

 ($num) = $sample =~ /[0-9]+/g
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