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My laptop doesn't have any nVidia graphic cards. I want to work on CUDA. The website says that CUDA can be worked in emulation mode on non-cuda hardware too. But when I tried installing CUDA drivers downloaded from their website, it gives an error "The nvidia setup couldn't locate any drivers that are compatible with yoour current hardware.Setup will now exit".

Also when I tried to run samplecodes from SDK in Visual studio 2008, I'm getting an error that .obj file is not found

Please help me.

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I know it's more than two years, but you should accept one of the answers already given. Nils' answer fits nicely. –  luis.espinal Aug 3 '12 at 13:58

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The easiest way to get started with GPU development is to get a cheap (for example GTX285) GPU and a desktop computer (obviously since u can't change the GPU in your laptop).

There are a few research projects on getting CUDA kernels to work efficiently on CPUs as well as on FPGAs (Google wen mei hwu and see his research projects) however if you want to learn CUDA this is not for you, as said above the easiest way is to get some cheap hardware.

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Nice, pragmatic answer. –  luis.espinal Aug 3 '12 at 13:59

Have you downloaded the CUDA toolkit? You'll need to download the toolkit (which includes the compiler and the runtime library) and the SDK. When you are building the SDK samples be sure to change the configuration to "EmuDebug" or "EmuRelease".

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Emulation is no longer supported, currently you can look at PGI's CUDA x86 compiler or GPU Ocelot. –  Tom Jan 8 at 22:01

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