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I am attempting to create a page that includes two forms: one that is visible when the page loads (a signin form), and a second that appears in a modal if the user clicks a button (a signup form).

I am using Django, and, although I am still figuring out how I will handle these forms, my largest concern is how the CSRF token will play into all of this. For example, should I use {% csrf_token %} inside of only one of my <form></form> tags, or should I place it in both?

Further, if I do use it in both forms, will this affect my POSTS to the server in any way? Currently, I am taking the data in a form (depending on which submit button is clicked) and POSTing this way:

var data={
    'csrfmiddlewaretoken': '{{ csrf_token }}'

$.post("/", signin_data);
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you should place it in both as long as both are being accessed on the server side via GET or POST and YES you can place it in both without any issues –  karthikr Jul 8 '13 at 23:36
Perfect. @karthikr I would appreciate if you could respond to this as an answer so that I could mark it as correct. In addition, could you include how I would access the csrf token? Thanks! –  nmagerko Jul 9 '13 at 3:54

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csrf_token should be placed in both the forms, as long as both are being accessed on the server side via GET or POST, and YES you can use the same csrf_token for both the forms without any issues.

You can do something like

<form action="." >{% csrf_token %}

when you do data=form.serialize(), the csrf token is automatically serialized in the data of the ajax request.

The reason multiple {% csrf_token %} works is because all the token does is provide information for validation that a form request is from a valid (untampered) user session.

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