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I need help with my code. What I am trying to do is create a simple move modifier demo to try to better understand andengine. What I did was create a directional background sprite that has bold letters saying top, bottom, left, right, so I can track where my entity will start from and where it ends up. The problem is the setChaseEntity function. It seems everytime I run the code my my entity gets stuck. Please if you can help I would be much appreciated....Thank you for your time....

public EngineOptions onCreateEngineOptions() {

    boundCamera = new BoundCamera(0, 0, CAMERA_WIDTH, CAMERA_HEIGHT);

    boundCamera.setBounds(0, 0, CAMERA_WIDTH * 4, CAMERA_HEIGHT * 4);

    return new EngineOptions(true, ScreenOrientation.LANDSCAPE_FIXED, new RatioResolutionPolicy(CAMERA_WIDTH, CAMERA_HEIGHT), boundCamera);


public void onCreateResources(
        OnCreateResourcesCallback pOnCreateResourcesCallback)
        throws Exception {


    this.mBitmapTextureAtlas = new BitmapTextureAtlas(this.getTextureManager(),800,480);
    this.mDirection = BitmapTextureAtlasTextureRegionFactory.createFromAsset(this.mBitmapTextureAtlas,this,"direction.png",0,0);



public void onCreateScene(OnCreateSceneCallback pOnCreateSceneCallback)
        throws Exception {

    this.mEngine.registerUpdateHandler(new FPSLogger());

    mScene = new Scene();

    Sprite background = new Sprite(0,0,mDirection, mEngine.getVertexBufferObjectManager());
    SpriteBackground direction = new SpriteBackground(255,255,255,background);




public void onPopulateScene(Scene pScene,
        OnPopulateSceneCallback pOnPopulateSceneCallback) throws Exception {

    final int rectangleDimensions = 80;

    final int initialPosition = (int) (rectangleDimensions * 0.5f);

    Rectangle rectangle = new Rectangle(initialPosition, initialPosition, rectangleDimensions, rectangleDimensions, mEngine.getVertexBufferObjectManager());


    final float duration = 3;

    final float fromX = initialPosition;
    final float toX = CAMERA_WIDTH - rectangleDimensions * 0.5f;
    final float fromY = initialPosition;
    final float toY = CAMERA_HEIGHT - rectangleDimensions * 0.5f;

    MoveModifier moveModifier = new MoveModifier(duration, fromX, fromY, toX, toY);


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I think this is a pretty well-phrased question, but just to be sure you might want to say more about where your entity gets stuck and how it gets there. –  Ladlestein Jul 9 '13 at 1:14
You have to give more information for this because after seeing code the problem didn't become clear. –  Siddharth Jul 9 '13 at 2:40
What is the real value of CAMERA_WIDTH/CAMERA_HEIGHT? If it is the same size as your sprite background(800x480), you may not notice your rectangle moving (caused by your entity modifier) and camera moving (caused by chase rectangle entity). Note that, sprite background doesn't move 'visually', when your camera is moving..., try to make your camera size much smaller than your sprite background. If you want to use background image content as the reference of entity or camera moving, I would suggest you to use 'cross-hatch' image pattern. –  正宗白布鞋 Jul 9 '13 at 10:53

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