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I have table userlog (ID, Login (datetime), UserID, IP, UserAgengt...)

What I want is to get all data for eachuser for newest Login.

Select UserID, MAX(Login), IP, UserAgent
From userlog
Group by UserID, IP, UserAgent

This will give me multiple records for one user if he have multiple IPs and/or UserAgent... and I want data for row which have max login date.

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I think the easiest way to do this is using the window function row_number():

select ul.UserID, ul.Login, ul.IP, ul.UserAgent
from (Select ul.*, row_number() over (partition by user_id order by login desc) as seqnum
      From userlog ul
     ) ul
where seqnum = 1

You don't have to use group by for this operation.

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Select u1.UserID, u1.Login, u1.IP, u1.UserAgent
From userlog u1
inner join 
   Select UserID, max(Login) as mLogin
   From userlog
   Group by UserID
) u2 on u1.UserID = u2.UserID and u2.mLogin = u1.Login
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I was hoping there was a solution different from joining table itself, but obviously there isn't one. :) –  el ninho Jul 9 '13 at 1:07

Something like

SELECT max.userid, max.maxlog, ul.ip, ul.useragent
(Select UserID, Max(Login) maxlog
From userlog
group by userID)
inner join userlog ul on ul.userid=max.userid and ul.login=max.maxlog
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SELECT A.UserID, A.Login, A.IP, A.UserAgent
FROM userlog A, userlog B
      A.Login >= B.Login;
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