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Thanks for the initial response.

Assume,I have a matrix as ;


If I want to apply the following nls function to each row using the apply function.

    k ~ a0 - a2*sin(((pi*0.01)/5)*t + phi1) + a4*sin(((2*pi*0.01)/5)*t + phi2) - a6*sin(((3*pi*0.01)/5)*t + phi3),
    data = X,
    start = list (a0=0.01,a2=0.01,a4=0.01, a6=0.01, phi1=0.21,phi2= -0.10, phi3=0.35)

How do I program it? Again,since k the response variable is intuitively the rows of the above matrix.

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nls requires at least two variables to work with: a predictor and a response. If you're trying to run it on one row of your matrix, then you only have one variable. Perhaps you should rethink or clarify your approach. –  Hong Ooi Jul 9 '13 at 5:10
Is t something like 1:180 ? If k is the output, you need an input. But anyway, as I often do, I'd recommend going to cornell.edu and downloading Eureqa , which is designed exactly for finding good fits to combinations of input functions like this. –  Carl Witthoft Jul 9 '13 at 11:52

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