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Ouch! My head hurts. Been working on this issue for hours and my brain is folding on itself.

Basically, Isotope is hiding or showing html elements on my page, and I need to hide or show the corresponding Google Maps markers on the embedded map in a very efficient manner (lots of Google Maps markers).

So... I have a MASTERARRAY[] full of objects. Each object in the array has a unique id.

i.e. MASTERARRAY[i].id

This MASTERARRY[] also has a Google Maps marker object associated.

i.e. MASTERARRAY[i].marker

When Isotope filters the HTML elements on my page on my page, I push an object with the unique id to one of the following arrays:

  1. ISOTOPEFILTER.resultsRemovedFromPage

  2. ISOTOPEFILTER.resultsOnPageAfterFiltering

The code below will successfully REMOVE markers off my map by comparing the MASTERARRAY to ISOTOPEFILTER.resultsRemovedFromPage. However, I have no idea how to efficiently have this function also show the Google Map markers who's IDs exist in the ISOTOPEFILTER.resultsOnPageAfterFiltering array.

function updateMap() {
    var hiddenMarkerCount = 0;

    for (i in ISOTOPEFILTER.resultsRemovedFromPage) {

            for (var j=0; j<MASTERARRAY.length; j++) {

            if (ISOTOPEFILTER.resultsRemovedFromPage[i].id == MASTERARRAY[j].id){

    console.log("We have hidden"+hiddenMarkerCount+" markers");
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I'm just typing MASTERARRAY[] to make sure it's in the comments as well, so everyone can see that it's actually uppercase, and it's called MASTERARRAY[] ! –  adeneo Jul 9 '13 at 3:48

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Instead of storing the removed and included objects in an array, store them in an object keyed off the ID. Then you can do:

for (var j = 0; j < MASTERARRAY.length; j++) {
    if (ISOTOPEFILTER.resultsRemovedFromPage[MASTERARRAY[j].id]) {
        // Do stuff for removed items
    if (ISOTOPFILTER.resultsOnPageAfterFiltering[MASTERARRAY[j].id]) {
        // Do stuff for included items
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Thank you! Although, this technique required quite a bit of time to re-work the original code, the end result is blazing fast it's very it was very simple to implement once my objects were set. Much appreciated! –  That1guyoverthr Jul 9 '13 at 7:27

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