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I'd like to automate Nero's mp3 encoding so that I could perhaps just drag and drop a wav file and get it as an mp3 in 256 kbps instead of going thru all the menus each time I publish a new loop. Can you ihnt me how to do it with autoIT if it can be done?

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You should perhaps use something that has a command line interface and hence would allow easy scripting. Lame is a good example. Look here for some examples of using it from command line. Not sure, but perhaps vlc can also be used for the job.

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+1: Command line is always better than automating user interfaces. Nero also has a command line interface (see here) – Matt Jul 9 '13 at 8:19
On Linux, I recently used ffmpeg as well: ffmpeg -i input_file -vn -ab 256k file.mp3 will do the job. This can be easily scripted. – r.v Jul 19 '13 at 19:47

Just use LAME and a batch script in your Windows' SendTo folder:

lame -h --abr 256 "%~1" "%~dpn1.mp3"

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