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This is a C# question. I have a user control A. A contains another user control B. B has an event called BEvent. I want to expose this event in A so anyone who uses control A can subscribe BEvent. How can I write code to implement this design? Thanks.

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Inside your user control A you could expose the event of control B like this...

public event EventHandler EventA
    add { _control.EventB += value; }
    remove { _control.EventB -= value; }

You should look at the delegate which event B is using, and ensure that event A matches. In this example i just selected EventHandler because that is quite common when developing User Controls

public delegate void EventHandler(object sender, EventArgs e);
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I assume what you'd want is EventHandler<SomeType> where SomeType matches EventB. –  Taylor Leese Nov 18 '09 at 6:13
Taylor L, i have updated my answer, all you need is matching delegates –  Rohan West Nov 18 '09 at 6:18

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